Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pete's Top 10 Albums of 08

Yea so you know…. being a big time music fan besides being an artist at the end of every year I list me 10 ten favorite albums. This year was hard for several reasons. First off I hate when other artist talk about how much other peoples music sucks and how “how the game sucks” right now but I’m not gonna lie this year I have to agree. I buy a lot of music but this year I think I brought the least. Anotheri thing that made the list hard was trying to decide the order of the top 5. When I finally chose my top 10. Although you may noticed that one of 2 of the albums I got on the list came out in 07 that’s because I didn’t discover this artist/band until 08. So this is more like the list of the top 10 albums I purchased in 2008. Enjoy!


 10. Elephant man-Let’s Get Physical

I don’t know man I think Bad Boy dropped the ball on this one. It’s got quite a few bangers on there and the production is mean.


9.Phantom Planet-Raise The Dead

Phantom planet been my dudes from way back. Pretty consistent. This album is no different. And they let Sony and dropped this one on fuel by Ramen, which was pretty dope. My only disappointment was that they spent all of 2008 as supporting acts for other bands instead of doing headlining shows so I didn’t get to see them this year.


8.N*E*R*D-Seeing Sounds

This album was crack! That pretty much sums it up. Banger after banger. In my opinion this is a band that hones and shapes their sound more and more each album and this one was even doper and tighter. I seen them perform at the diesel anniversary party over the summer and it was like a rave!!!


7.Fall Out Boy-Folie A’ Deux

This album was dope. Underrated. It was originally suppose to come out on Election Day but they pushed it out. I was Up-set!. The album is mean though. Its one of the few albums I have ever heard that gets better as it goes along.


6-Cold War Kids-Loyalty To Loyalty

This Album like the one before took a couple of listens to grow onto me. But its so damn dope. More laid back than Robbers & Cowards but still Hot.


5-Lykke Li-Youth Novels

Now I heard of this chick because of the MTVU Woodie Awards. She seemed to be a fan favorite so I decided to check her out. Let me just say this album is amazing. From the singing to the production. It’s all real minimalistic but damn. This was close to being my pick for album of the year.


4-Billy Talent-Billy Talent II

Yea this album came out in 07 but I copped it at the beginning of the yea, because I was going to see my chemical romance in concert and I thought they were gonna open for them. They didn’t open for them on that date, but anyways I went to their MySpace page and I think I heard 20 seconds of a song and it was a wrap. This album is Re-tar-ded!!!!!!!!!! They aint no joke. The lead vocalist voice and delivery is crazy and the guitarist are mean.


3-Elvis Perkins-Ash Wednesday

Now this album too also came out in 07 I think. I went to see cold war kids at Prospect Park during the summer and Elvis opened for them with his band Dear Land and they were amazing. They played about 9 instruments all So after the show I copped the album and its pretty much the saddest yet most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I think I listened to this album more than any one I copped this year. This record too was real close to being my favorite album of 08


2-Kings Of Leon-Only By The Night

This album barely missed being my number one choice. This is probably the most listenable album of 2008. I know kings of Leon has been around doing their thing for a minute but I think they changed things with this album. The thing that pushed me to buy it was when I was them on SNL doing “use somebody” it was a dope as performance. Then I went to their website I saw the video for “Sex IS On Fire” and that was it. That album is crack. They have been in the iTunes top 10 rock albums since it came out. If you aint got it get with it! They are blowing up pretty quick. They are doing a gig at MSG and it sold out so quick that they decided to resize their stage set-up so they can put more seats in there and sell more tickets.


1-Mettalica- Death Magnetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAAAANNNNNN LLLIIIssstteen!!! All I gots to say is Metallica and rick Ruben. This record is mean; it’s a stone cold ass Kicker. Cheers to them. Its hard-core man. Hard Fuckin core!!!!. If you aint  got it you’re cheating yourself plain and simple.



Happy New Year



Adriano said...

I was going to post my top 10 tonight, but I am going through and this is not such an easy task. Going to have some serious listening to do over the weekend. Look for it next week.

PS - good to meet you guys... Beware the bees!


Adriano said...
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Adriano said...

Forgot to leave these links for you for N.A.S.A:


Solo said...

P-Hype, sorry for the delay - here's my top 10 of 2008... although I don't think I've exhausted every possible album. Agreed - weak year for complete works, although there were great singles here and there.

Not in any order, although I will say TV on the Radio or Kings of Leon may be #1.

Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
TV on the Radio – Dear Science
Ra Ra Riot – Rhumb Line
Coldplay – Viva La Vida
Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak
Hot Chip – Made in the Dark
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Van She
Q-Tip - Renaissance

Honorable Mention:
Lykke Li – Youth Novels
Of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping (for going with a concept and following though)
Mates of State – Re-Arrange Us
Lil' Wayne - The Carter 3