Monday, December 8, 2008

Pete Hypes "Lady of The Moment

yea so u know... Anybody that knows me i like-a Day ladies. but not just usual chick gawking but i feel like i appreciate women on  higher level. Like a Piece of art. So each week this will be my museum and i will be your Curator and i will acknowledge a lady that i think yal need to take notice of and also a lady that i wish to me one of my Future ex

 So first up is
Zooey Deschanel

First thing i saw her in was M.knight Shyamaylan's "The Happening". not so much for her acting but for her eyes. they are RE-FUCKING-DICULOUS.i could drown in her eyes.she also sings. and Pretty damn good too. She was in the Duo "She & Him" have u heard!?!?!. Long story short she's On my radar.

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