Monday, March 30, 2009

Damage Control at its Finest!!

Hey At Least She Tried
so the Dragon Ballz movie is coming out in a couple of weeks. Limited trailers have been show. word is the the movie was so bad fox didnt even wanna show the trailer. The movie came out in japan about a week or two ago , so its been circulating online and the reviews contain such words as "Crap"...Now i know the fan Boys tend to be haters, so i say go by your own opinion, but i must admit the trailer makes its even look like shit!!! when you cant even pull the wool over the peoples eyes with a dressed up trailer(remember ultra violet??) then your probably screwed.I'm gonna to see it , just to check out the train wreck! Now how do you handle interviews when you know that the world thinks your movie is gonna suck???? Watch This. Poor poor Emmy Rossum tries her damndest!! to clean it up!!!!

-Pete Descartes

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is How big brother Does it

I dont know where this song is from but Im phyced at the thought of a new N.e.r.d Album!!!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

if this aint fresh than yal haters!!!!

i dont see what was the big negavtive reaction to this photo...i think none of them are wearing anything that is out of their normal style. I have seen way crazier in soho. They got the fresh award for this one if you ask me! i think ye is killing them all with that jacket alone!!! that shit is mean!!!

me personally i find myself torn between the "Look at me I'm fresh!" style of these guys above and the "I dont give a fuck......but i just happen to be fresh" style of Pharrell....the rocker in me is leaning towards the latter

-Pete Descartes

Monday, March 16, 2009


this is a super duper old exclusive. this is a live performance of the first song we ever recorded together and also this was actually the show we were discovered at. it was a song called "A Monster" produced by Pete. look how hype we

Definition of Dapper: Ari Gold

 Jeremy Piven aka Ari Gold from HBO's "Entourage" is hands down THE best dressed character on all of TV....he may even wear a suit better than Diddy...oh and I need to get in touch with his taylor ASAP! LOL


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Key-west!!!!!! Lmao!!!

yo this is video of 88 keys and Kanye on the set of the video for "stay up viagra" they need a weekly sitcom!

-Pete Descartes
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