Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tetsuya Nishimiya Announced as BAPE(R) & URSUS BAPE(R) Designer

With swirling speculation about who would take the reigns since NIGO(R)’s stepping down from A Bathing Ape, a familiar personality in the realm of streetwear in WTAPS’ Tetsuya Nishiyama has officially been announced via NIGO(R) himself as the new design face of the brand. With his involvement coming to light in the winter collection, there also looks to be the development of a new line titled URSUS BAPE(R). With a well-documented aesthetic in WTAPS, we look forward to seeing the progression and different traits that A Bathing Ape will assume under TET-san.


This is some of the BEST news I have heard in a while. The future for my favorite brand is looking promising
- Mercy

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Anonymous said...

DOPE!!!!! doesn't one of you ONLY wear Bape?