Monday, March 30, 2009

Damage Control at its Finest!!

Hey At Least She Tried
so the Dragon Ballz movie is coming out in a couple of weeks. Limited trailers have been show. word is the the movie was so bad fox didnt even wanna show the trailer. The movie came out in japan about a week or two ago , so its been circulating online and the reviews contain such words as "Crap"...Now i know the fan Boys tend to be haters, so i say go by your own opinion, but i must admit the trailer makes its even look like shit!!! when you cant even pull the wool over the peoples eyes with a dressed up trailer(remember ultra violet??) then your probably screwed.I'm gonna to see it , just to check out the train wreck! Now how do you handle interviews when you know that the world thinks your movie is gonna suck???? Watch This. Poor poor Emmy Rossum tries her damndest!! to clean it up!!!!

-Pete Descartes

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